The Alabama COVID-19 Response Team Welcomes You 

Let's Battle this Pandemic Together with Modern Tools 

State-Level Content by "We the People" to Improve Local Access to Knowledge

With just one click, Alabama residents can find real-time resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As local organizations list their resources, events, programs, and needs, residents can view them on a collective map. Easily find resources for personal help or discover new ways to give back. Access up-to-date statistics and data about COVID-19 in your state and county. With a new collective way to gather and share information, we can make the most of our given resources. 





Connecting Community Resources

In the midst of a crisis, floods of resources and relief workers rush to meet the needs of the community. Available resources and volunteer labor are in a constant state of flux. It can be challenging for those affected by the crisis to stay up to date on available information and services. Imagine a centralized “grocery store” where individuals can quickly find the products they need to personally address the crisis. This comprehensive approach can transform the effectiveness of our crisis response efforts.


COVID Listings




See Current AL COVID-19 Data in Real-Time

Keep up to date on the latest information related to the epidemic in Alabama and in your county. Each day we pull the latest information from Standard Co. and generate easy-to-read graphs for Alabama citizens to stay informed.  See what the latest developments are so that you can make the best choices with your time and resources.

March 30 COVID data

 The Statewide Initiative





About the Village Creed Platform

Village Creed is built to equip local communities to solve problems by increasing community engagement through mission-driven organizations. 




COVID-19 Engagement Toolkit 

The following features help you see the needs and resources in your community and effectively collaborate with your stakeholders. 

Pin Map

Use this map to see what services, needs, events, etc. are in your area. Your listings will be visible to everyone in your area. 


Organize your upcoming events on your organization's calendar. Public for any interested individual. 

Targeted Emailing

Through the platform, you can easily email some or all of your volunteers or attendees. Send a targeted group email with just the click of a button! 

Make/Receive Referrals

You can make recommendations for individuals to participate in programs and events. Use these referrals to collaborate with effective organizations in your city. 

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QR Check-In for Attendees

People who attend or volunteer at your events will be sent a QR code to check in at your event. Automated sign-in sheets can also be sent to you upon request. 


Electronic Record of Hours

The hours that each person attends or volunteers at your events or programs will be recorded automatically on the platform. These hours can be generated into reports and graphs to show donors, grant makers, and more! 


Inspiring Media Content

Brave Road produces immersive media, original content, and user-generated content including digital learning toolkits. This media keeps users inspired, connected, activated, and educated, leading to more engagement. 


Donation Button

When donors - new and old - find you on Village Creed, they will be able to make a donation through the platform with a simple click. Attract new donors through greater visibility! 

VC Wire

Our Village Creed Wire sends updates from your organization to local media outlets every week. You choose which events, programs, and needs you want shared with local newspapers, radio stations, and more! 

Powerful Reporting Tools

Utilize automated reporting through our platform to record your city's progress toward attaining goals. Clearly communicate these goals and progress visually. 

Community Feedback Loop

Analyze your community's feedback on programs and interventions in your community. This transparency allows you to determine what is effective in your community.


Automated Surveys

Our platform allows you to easily create surveys to send to all volunteers and participants of your events and programs. Their feedback will be generated into graphs and reports.



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When you join the Brave Road Foster Care Initiative, you will have access to our expert support team. 



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