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Our Mission

Village Creed is built to equip local communities to solve problems by increasing community engagement through mission-driven organizations. 







Find all events and resources in your community. 

Search your location to find all events, volunteer opportunities, services, and needs close to you! Refine your search by your area of interest. When you find an opportunity that is interesting to you, join it with a simple click! 

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Record community engagement hours on a personalized transcript. 

All of the hours you spend attending events, volunteering, participating in programs - and more! - will be recorded through the Village Creed platform. When these hours are recorded, they will be categorized into the type of activity and focus and kept in a reporting dashboard for you to see.

Additionally, hours will be generated into a digital Community Engagement Transcript. Now you can show employers, university admission departments, and others the concrete steps you are taking to develop your skills and passions. 




Stay connected with your community.  

When you join Village Creed, you can link your personal account to other organizations you are a part of - your work, school, area of worship, nonprofits you are involved with, and more. Stay updated on their activities and watch how they are engaging in your community, too! 

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Coming Soon - Develop your career through Village Creed. 

Employers in your community can create "Paths" on the Village Creed Platform. These paths outline the specific skills and experience they want from future members of their team. See a position you are interested in? Download that Path into your personal Goals, and start preparing for your next career move. Connect with resources in your community through the platform to help you accomplish your goals. Your next career move is waiting!  





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Client Product Tours

Below are two organizations using our product in realtime. The content in each changes daily as events, services, and needs are dynamically made and managed. For the best experience, review case studies by computer.  


School Case Study

This school system needed a way to coordinate and manage community service, workforce development, and clubs. Check out our solution for them. 

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Disaster Case Study

A community-wide effort to provide recovery services to individuals and families affected by the March 3, 2019 tornadoes in Lee County, Alabama. 

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Community Engagement Toolkit 

The following features help you engage with your community and communicate your development efforts.

Pin Map

This map allows you to see what services, needs, events, etc. are in your area. Filter this map to find opportunities that fit your interests. 


Local organizations will list upcoming events and volunteer opportunities on their organization's calendar. Stay updated with what's going on in your community!

Targeted Emailing

Through the platform, you can easily email some or all of your volunteers or attendees. Send a targeted group email with just the click of a button! 

Sharing to Social Media

Organizations will also be able to share their events and resources on their social media channels. Stay up to date with the organizations you are interested in! 

QR Check-In for Attendees

When you sign up for an event or volunteer opportunity, you will be emailed a QR check in code 15 minutes prior to the event. Simply scan this code when you arrive at the event, and your hours will be recorded. 

Electronic Record of Hours

All of your community engagement hours will be recorded through the platform. This helps you track your development efforts, and it helps the organizations you volunteer with gather data on their impact. 

Background Checks 

Some events or volunteer opportunities may require you to conduct a background check before being qualified to serve. You can do this easily through the platform. 

Donation Button

When you find an organization that you are passionate about - whether you've worked with them for years or just found them today - you can support them financially through the platform. Donate with an easily click and receive a receipt of your giving. 

VC Wire

Our Village Creed Wire sends updates from local organization to local media outlets every week. This is another way for you to stay up to date with the events happening in your community. 

Community Engagement Transcript 

Your hours recorded through the platform will be automatically transferred onto a digital Community Engagement Transcript. Share this transcript with employers, universities, and more to demonstrate your development efforts. 

Make and Receive Referrals

Community partners will have the ability to make recommendations for you to participate in your programs and events. You will also be able to recommend a certain path and goal for other individuals in your community. 

Automated Surveys

When you participate in an event or service opportunity, you will be able to share your feedback. Did you love it? Is there anything that should be improved? Help local organizations serve your community well by sharing your feedback. 


We're here for you!

When you join Village Creed, you will have access to our expert support team along with our library of written and video tutorials. 


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