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Our Mission

Village Creed is built to equip local communities to solve problems by increasing community engagement through mission-driven organizations. 







Easy Event and Volunteer Management 

Easily communicate with your staff and volunteers. Record volunteer and participant hours through our simple check-in tools. Schedule social media posts of your events and volunteer opportunities.

Worship Manage Listing



Financial Giving Tools 

Create a donation button on your organization's page to allow others to donate effortlessly. Manage these donations through the platform and keep a visual record through graphed reporting.

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Greater visibility for outside audiences 

Place all of your events, services, needs, and volunteer opportunities on the community pin-map. Community members can quickly find and engage with your ministries 

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Share your impact through graphed reporting

Communicate how you are fulfilling your mission through graphed reporting. Show your goals and achievement through our automatically updated reporting dashboard. 


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Client Product Tours

Below are two organizations using our product in realtime. The content in each changes daily as events, services, and needs are dynamically made and managed. For the best experience, review case studies by computer.  


School Case Study

This school system needed a way to coordinate and manage community service, workforce development, and clubs. Check out our solution for them. 

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Disaster Case Study

A community-wide effort to provide recovery services to individuals and families affected by the March 3, 2019 tornadoes in Lee County, Alabama. 

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Community Engagement Toolkit 

The following features help you manage events and ministries, gain visibility in the community, and efficiently communicate with your congregation.

Pin Map

This map allows individuals to see what services, needs, events, etc. are in their area. Your listings will be visible to everyone in your area. 


Organize your upcoming events and volunteer opportunities on your church's calendar. Public for any interested individual. 

Targeted Emailing

Through the platform, you can easily email some or all of your members who are volunteering or participating in an event. Send a targeted group email with just the click of a button! 

Scheduled Sharing to Social Media

Set your listings (events, services, needs) to share to your social media networks automatically. Easy communication with your digital audience!

QR Check-In for Attendees

People who attend or volunteer at your events will be sent a QR code to check in at your event. Automated sign-in sheets can also be sent to you upon request. 

Electronic Record of Hours

The hours that each person attends or volunteers at your events or programs will be recorded automatically on the platform. These hours can be generated into reports.

Background Checks 

Do you require volunteers to be background checked? Our platform enables you to require every new volunteer to conduct a background check. 

Donation Button

Members of your congregation can give financially through the platform with a simple click. These financial gifts will be recorded through the platform and generated into reports. 

VC Wire

Our Village Creed Wire sends updates from your organization to local media outlets every week. You choose which events, programs, and needs you want shared with local newspapers, radio stations, and more! 

Powerful Reporting Tools

Utilize automated reporting through our platform to keep your staff and congregation informed. Clearly communicate your goals and progress toward achieving them. 

Make and Receive Referrals

Community partners will have the ability to make recommendations for individuals to participate in your programs and events. You will also be able to recommend a certain path and goal for individuals you are serving. 

Automated Surveys

Our platform allows you to easily create surveys to send to all volunteers and participants of your events and programs. Their feedback will be generated into graphs and reports.  


We're here for you!

When you join Village Creed, you will have access to our expert support team along with our library of written and video tutorials. 


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